The ASAFO Gun Club is a family-oriented network seeking to achieve family power. This site will not be run like a lot of others. Our online network is strictly about the sharing of information relevant to achieving self-reliance, self-defense and sustainability for our community. Posts that are argumentative or espouse religious, political, or sexual lifestyle viewpoints will be deleted.

The types of communications we would like to see include the following:

  • Information on firearms, accessories and gear reviews.
  • Survival ideas and tips.
  • People with medical, gardening, cooking, food prep, sewing, outdoor, foraging skills, etc.
  • How-to videos, especially from our perspective.
  • Family hiking trips, hiking spots, adventures, events (we want to see our people living and thriving, not just surviving).
  • Creative and positive endeavors taking place in the community.
  • Related skillsets, trades and businesses (carpentry, gardening, holistic care, sustainable building, solar energy, etc.).
  • Current affairs related to survival in relation to the masses (what might be affecting us on a global or nationwide scale).

What will NOT BE ALLOWED are threats, espousing of political views, inflammatory, inciteful, emotionally arousing rhetoric or calls for illegal action and activities. For example, the overthrow of the government, attacking of the police and the extermination of others outside our community. There are plenty of forums available where that type of talk can find a home—this isn’t the one. We observe the law while the law is relative.

We believe in taking a realistic, sensible approach to achieving our mission. We can get more accomplished by focusing on ourselves than by focusing on others. In the words of Malcolm X, “We [have to] love ourselves so much, they think we hate them.” That needs to be us. We’re trying to make survival and guns fun and practical for us.

We reserve the right to delete any postings, videos, etc., that are outside the guidelines as stated here. We also reserve the right to expand on these guidelines at any time without prior notification.

We appreciate your understanding and abidance of these terms and look forward to having some of you join the actual body.

Asafo Gun Club Administrators